Hey, the opera ain’t for everyone. Five reasons to appreciate the Tacoma Dome Monster Jam

Five reasons we love the Monster Jam extravaganza held at the Tacoma Dome every January.

1. A day quietly admiring classic cars at the LeMay museum is cool. But there’s nothing like a night screaming your lungs out for Grave Digger, Zombie, BroDozer and Raminator.

2. Relentless noise, grinding gears, flying mud, hours of spinning in circles. It’s the perfect metaphor for the state Legislature opening next week.

3. It offers a great escape from the Tacoma Wedding Expo next door. No man in his right mind wants to attend that. No woman in her right mind wants him tagging along.

4. With snow in the forecast, a visiting caravan of monster trucks is a godsend. Strap 96-inch blades on those big boys, and Pierce County roads will be plowed in no time flat.

5. Let Grandma brag about her blue-ribbon strawberry jam. Let Seattle gloat about its homemade Pearl Jam. We’ll take our Jam with Monsters every time.

And a bonus 6th Spot, for online readers only!

6. Sure, it’s a ridiculous display of fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. But did we mention Grave Digger will be there?