Harry and Meghan, Tacoma’s for you: Five ways the 253 could offer them a smashing good time

Five reasons Harry and Meghan should consider Tacoma for their new North American home base.

1. We offer the best of both worlds: The incognito appeal of Grit City mixed with random splashes of royalty (Crown Bar, King’s Books, Duke’s Seafood & Chowder).

2. No paparazzi in Tacoma. Unless you count teenage girls with iPhones.

3. Any time they miss the thrill of a British automobile, they can swing by the LeMay museum and borrow the keys to a Lotus or an Austin-Healey.

4. Any time he wants to recapture the adrenaline rush of his British Army service, he can swing by JBLM and borrow the keys to an Apache helicopter.

5. They can pre-enroll little Archie at Stadium High School. Where else can a lad hang out in a castle and get a bloody good American public education at the same time?