Seattle tech company sets sights on being a resource in Tacoma’s rental market

A Seattle tech company that also serves Portland and Denver rent markets has expanded to Tacoma.

Showdigs, a 12-person company with headquarters in Seattle and Tel Aviv, Israel, this month launched its property showing service in Tacoma.

The company assists property managers in finding independent real estate brokers who can offer tours of places to rent and earn supplemental income for the showings as a side venture to their regular real estate work.

Kobi Bensimon, founder and CEO of Showdigs, told The News Tribune the idea came from the difficulties property managers had in scheduling showings of available sites to interested parties, as well as handling inspections.

The company, launched in November 2018, last year was featured in a Geekwire profile after it raised a $3 million seed round to fund expansion.

“The idea was if I’m shopping and used to Airbnb or Uber, all these tools, everything is on the spot through an app,” he told The News Tribune in a recent phone interview. “The whole idea is, how can we bring that type of experience to a rentals and house shopping market? We realized just like Uber has drivers everywhere, there are brokers everywhere ... and they are perfect for this.”

He said the service can be seen as a convenience for property managers who may have sites in Tacoma but live in Seattle, adding: “Driving to a location can be time-consuming.”

Bensimon also noted it’s a way for brokers to meet potential first-time buyers who might circle back to them when they are ready to buy.

“If they are just starting and building a network, this way they can make a good impression, and a year or two from now that person might be a buyer,” Bensimon said.

Bensimon said his company has spent the past two weeks looking for agents and had recruited its first group this week in using its app.

“The next step is property managers and landlords,” he said.