Plenty of jobs still available for census takers in Seattle-Tacoma area

The U.S. Census Bureau has issued another call for workers in the Tacoma area.

The bureau says it is seeking to fill up to 5,300 jobs between now and mid-March for its Tacoma and Seattle offices.

The positions include census takers and office personnel, and pay ranges from $18 to $23 an hour.

Nationwide, the bureau is seeking to recruit up to 500,000 part-time census takers.

Later this month, the count officially starts in Alaska and then launches elsewhere nationwide in late March.

The bureau, in its release calling for more applicants, noted that: “Responses to the 2020 Census are used by state, local, and federal officials to determine billions of dollars of funding every year for the next 10 years for critical public services such as hospitals, schools, emergency response services, and road maintenance and construction.”

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